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The story behind The Delpha Jewel


Welcome to The Delpha Jewel, a personal life and style blog written by Melissa Bishop. She started this blog as an outlet for her love for fashion and beauty. Delpha Jewel, named after Melissa's two grandmothers, is a place to showcase and document her personal style on a daily basis. Readers can expect to see topics ranging from fashion, beauty, fitness, motherhood, and much more. The Delpha Jewel reader is the everyday woman: she loves to see the latest fashion trends at affordable prices, hear about the best beauty tips and advice on how to have a healthy balance in life.


Melissa Bishop has over 18 years experience in marketing and advertising design. She has worked in publishing, retail and non-profit industries and has a wealth of knowledge in all things marketing and branding. This experience is what lead her to create this blog. The Delpha Jewel has allowed her to connect with the everyday woman and offer style inspiration and advice along the way. She currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and their 10 year old daughter and 6 year old son.

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